Safety gear might just be the most important thing your staff will put on each day. Supplies that are uncomfortable or just don’t work the way they should is a fast track to unhappy staff.


We stock a comprehensive range of safety gear from a variety of leading manufacturers.

It is designed to create the safest environment possible for your workers. We’ll make sure your staff are always comfortable, safe, and happy to wear the gear you provide them.

The industry-expertise our workers have also means that they understand what your business needs. Is your workplace loud? You want earmuffs, right? Wrong. Depending on the nature of the noise (and your workplace), single-use earplugs might be a more convenient solution.


One-size-fits-all solutions aren’t for us. We’ll delve deeper into your issues and solve them with advice that works for you.

We stock a wide range that caters to the different demands and standards of the automotive, industrial and oil & gas workers we’re trusted by.

You can be sure that our safety supplies are on-hand and up to the challenge of your toughest conditions. You’ll always be able to get whatever you need, including Work Wear, Hi-visibility Gear, Safety Signage, Protective Gear for Hands, Heads, Ears and Eyes, Consumables, Height Safety, Materials Handling and much more.

With Grande Industrial, you don’t even need to worry about finding time to pop into the store (though we’re more than happy to have you!). We offer free local delivery so you can always get your gear when you need it. So, whether it’s dirt, chemicals, noise or the weather you’re protecting your workers from, Grande Industrial has your back.